Rise Up

keep your balloon protected with the shield while it’s rising up! just Beware of the falling shapes and obstacles.

Move your shield with one finger to keep protecting your balloon. Clear the way as you reach higher and higher!

Shield control is very easy to control but it’s very hard to master the game and reach highest scores!

Challenge your friends for the highest score!

The most challenge runner and fun ballun game of 2018! keep your ryse up balloon with your armor while it’s ups rising! caution of the obstacles.

Play addictive and fun arcade game with physics and balloon 🎈!

Use protector to let your balloon rise up high and reach the sky!
Game ballun fly could only rise by we vertically and lacks manoeuvres.

Many levels changed one by one and only the strongest could win that challenge and rire up on the top.
Among obstacles you’ll meet blocks, circles, rectangles and other unpredictable falling shapes rise and shine game, so be careful and protect balloon fly of air.
Realistic physics gives new experience and hard challenges every game.
Up, up, up, riseup esketit!

🎈 How to play:
Place finger at any point on the screen.
Balloon protector will react only on finger move.
Protect ball up rise as high as you can!

Game Features:
β€” Rise Up Balloon
β€” Challenge Runner
– Free to play
– One finger control
– Different obstacles and experience every time
– Endless gameplay

guts and glory

your goals is to reach the finish line, you will encounter various obstacles that can damage your character.

guts and glory is a fun and free game is fairly easy to understand and play.
Fun game and funny.

When you get bored with your office work , sitting at the table is just full of paper . Why not have a rolling down the hill under blue sky with csr bike race game on the bicycle guts and glory?.Drive your bike into a very happy racers adventure racing under hot sky.

Welcome to guts and glory A very happy racers csr bike race game. You will be a racing biker drive your guts and glory in the hot racing , your task is tap screen to dash and rolling down the hill, crossing the river, under shining sky and then go finished . Sometime you run like a dumb guy, just find the ways to die. Keep in your mind alway drive ahead, no return, it just dash ahead and ahead , waiting for a little fortune.. If just a small dumb mistake or you’re not a fortune man, many ways to die, your csr bike will be destroyed as a torn piece of paper by the death race.

Tap the forward button to dash, tap turn left or turn right button to rotate your guts and glory in the air . When encountering obstacles tap stop button to decrease the speed. All you need is timing to tap the buttons and a little fortune.

This game is a rag-doll extreme csr sports game. Experience the real physics based racing game on your phone, guts and glory offers an exhilarating mix of amazing tracks, a little of fortune and deadly challenges. Feel the dash speed as you negotiate your way through the deadly survival courses. Perform death defying wild stunts, witness bone cracking impacts and lose a limb or few, and take it to the extreme!

Experience the feeling of rolling down the hill under blue sky with bike race is wonderful, drive rolling ahead the hill, dash crossing the mountain, paper flower is falling in the road. Or just like a dumb guy drive the csr bike to the dumb racing and find the ways not to die. Rolling down a hill under the hot sky,your guts and glory is hot , your legs so tired, just one way is drive ahead and a little fortune, but there are many hill to rolling, mountain to climb, river to cross and.. many ways to die. So hard but so fun. .

Time to jump on your guts and glory and racing with guts and glory game.

guts and glory is a rag-doll physics Arcade & extreme sports Racing game in which you can jump off buildings, crush the glass & avoid obstacles & spikes and arrow

guts and glory an exciting game with sadistic inclinations and black humor. The essence of the game is extremely simple: you have to get to one of the vehicles to the finish. The problem is that not every part of your body will get along with you. Huge chainsaws, thorns, watermelons, pineapples and many others want to tear off a piece from you!
guts and glory a game in which all you need to survive.

Download now and join your friends in the fun! Play NOW!